Bat Fangs

“Batidas ”

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    Ron Liberti: Charles, I think the origin story of this design went something like this…Laura’s one of my best buds and when she and Betsy started Bat Fangs she was wearing a lot of Adidas gear. One day she was bartending, I was drinking, I think she asked if I wanted to design a BF shirt or the idea just came to me and I said how about I about I fuck around with the Adidas logo and turn it into a bat. Anyway, Bat Fangs rock and also know how to rock a sweat suit! Laura, am I close? How do you remember it?

    Laura King: I think we were in the Carhole for Cold Cream practice and we were both wearing adidas kicks and talking about you doing a Bat Fangs shirt. Idk…I think we were both so excited we were like “let’s do an Adidas BF logo”. You were like “fold the sides down into wings…add some fangs”! We probably laughed our asses off yelled “Yesssssss” and most likely hugged. However it happened, it was magical.

    Ron Liberti: Oh yeah, it was in the Carhole and I do remember laughing, yelling and hugging! Magical times they were (and still are!). I really do still like this design a lot, long live BAT FANGS! Charles, the Carhole was my old garage where our band Cold Cream used to practice.

    LIMITED TO 300. Printed on Bella/Canvas soft spun cotton tees. Ladies tees printed on Bella “Favorite Tees” Ladies’ sizes run small.