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“Guerrilla Television (White)”

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    In 1997 my friend Brad Scott and I worked at a video production company in Greenville, NC. When were weren’t busy working on commercials and city government videos; we spent a lot of our time creating BFM001: “The Actuality of Thought” video. Our boss was a Dutch guy named Jake. Jake was kind of a mad video scientist and an old hippy (to us anyway). He was (and still is) a very cool dude who let us get away with a lot of shenanigans. Once we were in the editing suite and Jake came in to grab a big pile of gear to take back to his office. He was always “escaping” to his office for one reason or another… Anyway… At some point in the process of carrying an awkward load of equipment, his glasses fell off of his face and he exclaimed “GODDAMN BIFOCALS!” This is where the Bifocal Media moniker came from.

    Jake had tons of very cool books and periodicals from the 60s and 70s related to, and produced by people involved with the Guerrilla Television movement. Guerrilla Television was a counter culture video collective centered around the idea of using video (still a new technology at the time) to expand the role of the underground press. Politics, art, and culture were at the center of the movement, but what caught our eye (as young punks with an interest in production) was the badassed imagery found in these publications. To say these materials had a big influence on the look of the early Bifocal Media output would be an understatement We ate it up and heaved it back out with every vide, ad, poster, and design we produced. A year or two ago Jake sent me a big box filled with all of the aforementioned print publications. This shirt is a remake of the cover of “Guerrilla Television’, a book that we perceived to be the movements “bible” of sods. Its been thoughtfully and skillfully illustrated by Kristin Debockler to include things relative to our little company. We hope you like this one as much as we do! Thanks, Sorry, and Good Bye! -Shades Cardello

    Printed on Soft cotton apparel. THE LADIES’ TEES RUN SMALL.