“Bigger Than Big”

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    As a kid growing up in the 70’s you were bombarded by crazy cartoons and semi-live action television shows that seemed totally bonkers. You couldn’t escape the variety shows and wacky sit coms with catchy tunes. Everything seemed over the top. This is what spawned The Dickies. They took all my favorite things growing up, sped them up and gave me a technicolor auditory re-run anytime I put the needle on their groove. The Dickies hit a staggering high with “Gigantor” and it’s about time we paid tribute to that, but with a twist. For the past few years, Mr. Greg Hetson, guitarist for the Circle Jerks, has been playing with Stan in Punk Rock Karaoke, and has gotten pretty comfortable playing “Gigantor”. In fact, he has been known to play it with The Dickies on stage from time to time, so it seemed like a no brainer to mash up Gigantor with the Skanking Kid. I think we have have stumbled onto a winner here, and perhaps you’ll agree. -Chris Shary