Moss Icon

“Moss Your Face”

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    Moss Icon only had official t-shirts made three times, some on random thrift store tees in 1990/ 91, a limited run in 2001 for a More Than Music Festival performance, and then in 2012 for Chaos In Tejas. At some point over the years someone (maybe me- not sure, I can’t remember) thought of juxtaposing the Moss Icon image (fertility goddess?) with another iconic image that had already seen it’s fair share of all over the place combinations. At first this combo might seem strange or even blasphemous but in actuality the freak thread running back decades from the underground DIY band through to the legendary musical and cultural pillar band is a thread with at least a little bit, if not a fair amount, in common. Early Moss Icon shows outside a small city in a semi-rural church (where the acid, weed and wine were possibly flowing) with a diverse audience of unique souls, some of whom expressed to me their deep appreciation for Moss Icon’s music, made it clear- freaks, bohemians, hippies, whatever, all were trying to push through the 80’s into the 90’s to, as Terence McKenna has mentioned what Tim Leary previously said- “find the others”…-Tonie Joy Thanks to Eric de Jesus of Easy Subcult Research for the artwork.

    At the band’s request, 66% of the profits from this shirt are donated to the Homeless Cats of South Baltimore and Red Cloud Renewable Energy organizations.

    LIMITED TO 300. Printed on American Apparel Organic tees.