“Capital Fellows”

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    I first saw and opened for NoMeansNo in 1987, at the Community World Theater in Tacoma, WA. They were touring on their first LP, Sex Mad. The bill was D.O.A., NoMeansNo, Danger Mouse, and My Name. NMN were the best band that night. I’d never seen a group that tight and ferocious. Total mastery of their instruments on an individual level, and the synergy between the three of them increased the musical impact exponentially. Everything about them was unique, from the way they set up (drums on the side), to their wry and bitter sense of humor, to their distinctive singing voices, to the tones of their instruments. I went on to see them many, many times, and I got to open for them several more times, too, which will always be one of the major highlights of my music “career.” Every time I saw them, they were the best band on the bill. They are also capital fellows, which is an added bonus (although at least one of them snores in his sleep). This band (and its music) has been interwoven throughout the fabric of my adult life—I started listening as a teenager, and I haven’t stopped since. This shirt came about from me drawing portraits of one of my favorite bands, as a fan, and posting them for fun. My friend Chris Shary showed them to Charles Cardello, Charles reached out to me, I reached out to John Wright, and now we have this shirt. I’m trying to play it cool, but, inside, teenage me is flipping the fuck out. So is old man me, for that matter. I love this band. Hoping that shows in the art. —Abe Brennan

    LIMITED TO 500. Soft cotton apparel. THE LADIES’ TEES RUN SMALL