“News Of The World Too”

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    In 1993 Propagandhi released their How To Clean Everything LP on a new label called  “Fat Wreck Chords”. I was a fan of the label founder’s band (NOFX) and bought the Propagandhi record thinking it would fit right in with what was going on with the So-Cal punk sound at the time (even though I’d heard these guys were Canadian). By the end of the album’s opener (Anti Manifesto), I’d discovered my new favorite band. Their songs were explosive, complex, musical, angry, and introspective. They called themselves (and everyone else) out on issues ranging from gender equality to scene politics. They were fearless in biting the hand that feeds when it came to the culture that supported them. Within a few months of it’s release, you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing “How To Clean Everything”. It was blaring from dorm rooms, punk houses, skate parks, Food Not Bombs events, Frat parties… This was an over the top, tongue in cheek,enormity of a record and I was proud to share it with everyone.

    23 Years later Propagandhi continue to progress, tour, and record.  In early 2016 Bill Stevenson (Descendents), Scott Radinsky (Scared Straight), and I and managed to turn Brian Walsby onto what they were doing. Emails were sent, drawings were inked, designs were composed, and now; shirts will be printed. Brian and I are honored to be working with Chris, Jord, and Co. on this limited edition tee. We hope you dig it. -Charles Cardello/ Bifocal media

    LIMITED TO 500. Men’s printed on American Apparel shirts. Ladies’ are printed on Bella “Favorite Tees”. The Ladies’ sizes run small.