Reagan Youth

“Trump Burger”

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    Reagan Youth was one of the premiere anarcho-punk bands of the 1980s and part of the soundtrack of my initiation into the hardcore scene. When I arrived in the Lower East Side NYC in the late 80s and started squatting there were a lot of grubby mix-tapes (cassettes!) passed around usually including at least one or two R.Y. songs. We would play these mixes on busted up ghetto blasters plugged into pirated power from the street lights until they got stuck, unraveled and shredded. The suicide death of Dave Insurgent in 1993 and the tragic circumstances surrounding it really hit hard.

    After that I lost track of the band, tho I still have some of those cassettes somewhere. I was too busy re-building my Squat; a gutted tenement on E. 7th St. It was a full-time job trying to re-build and fight to keep our home. I was also making a lot of comics and art about my own squat-core life; about social justice issues, as well as comics and art in support of radical direct action organizations like Times-Up! In 2002 we actually won the right to keep our homes!! It was a landmark victory and to this day I am still residing in the apartment I built on the bones of a gutted shell of a building.

    I had my own squat-core punk band “Zero Content”.  I also did a comic by the same name starring a crusty punk called Stu Pitt. One of my comic strips (SPIT) was re-printed in an issue of Punk Magazine published IN 2001 by John Holmstrom. John introduced me to

    Tibbie-X and we really hit it off. When she joined Reagan Youth she contacted me to design a Cali Tour Poster for them in 2013; then in 2014, a European Tour Poster. Recently, Tibbie contacted me to do this T-Shirt design. I’m very honored to be involved in this project and so happy to see the legacy of Reagan Youth continue to Fck the System.

    Thanks for listening. -Fly

    LIMITED TO 300. Ladies’ shirts are printed on Bella Favorite Ts. Ladies’ tees run small!