Recess Records

“The Golden Morrison ”

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  • Release # BFLD200
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    In the 1990s there were a ton of tiny indie record labels selling lots of music in loads of little record stores. I would read reviews in Punk Planet, Heartattack, and Maximum Rocknroll (there were a load of ‘zines around then too); circle the ones that sounded interesting, and buy the records at CD Alley (my favorite record store in Greenville, NC.) Among these purchases were releases by FYP, and the Propagandhi/ I Spy 10”; both of which had the Recess Records logo on them. I became an instant fan of this San Pedro, CA imprint. Label founder Todd Congelliere had been a pro skateboarder. He was also the front man for FYP. To me, this made him a very big deal. I followed the Recess catalog closely and they’ve continued to produce and publish purchase worthy releases to this day. When we started doing shirts featuring record labels (rather than just bands), Recess was one of the first “to dos” on my list. I’m extra excited to be working with Jay Holmes on this one as he is one of the founders of Bifocal Media. Jay and I once spent around 6 hours making the two and a half hour drive to Virginia Beach, VA to see the Recess Records era Propagandhi only to find that they had canceled. It was worth the drive. Oh wow… I just realized this is our 200th shirt! -Charles Cardello