Redd Kross

“Linda Blair”

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    In 1982, Redd Kross opened up their Born Innocent debut album with the line “In the Excorcist were really insane!” It was from the lead off track Linda Blair, dedicated to the young actress featured in that unforgettable movie (The Exorcist). Since then, the band Redd Kross have had many different lineups and phases and are still a band today. Lead by bothers Jeff and Steve McDonald, Redd Kross paved the way for many with their hard rocking/catchy material and humorous nods to trash culture. The band has pre-dated and sidestepped tons of fads and trends over the years; carving out their own place in rock and roll history.  After spending  around 1/3 of 2016 in the company of Steven Mcdonald (Melvins tour), it made sense to do a shirt that paid tribute to Redd Kross, that song from 1982, and the movie poster behind that movie. This shirt it is both terrifying and utterly ridiculous…like a Charles Manson sing a long or listening to “Revolution Number 9” five times in a row. Something like that. We hope you enjoy our Redd Kross shirt. -Brian Walsby

    LIMITED TO 170. Ladies’ shirts are printed on Bella Favorite Ts. Ladies’ sizes run small!