Bifocal Media was established in 1997 by Brad Scott and Charles Cardello. Brad and I were both attending college in Greenville NC. Charles was making BMX videos and studying design. Brad was a film student. There were several people in Greenville who were working to bring small independent bands to town. Most of these shows were set up in living rooms and tiny venues. We recorded many of these parties and in 1997, Brad and I decided to make a video featuring some filmed performances of our favorite bands. We ended up making a video called The Actuality of Thought. Initially, we were going to give copies of our little production away with a ‘zine that I was working on. After getting some very positive feedback following a little premiere party at our house, we decided to scrape together some money to have The Actuality of Thought packaged and duplicated. We filmed a few weddings for loot and had 100 copies manufactured. By this time, a few of the bands featured in our video started to get popular in the underground. We placed an ad in Punk Planet  magazine and we started to get calls from distributors looking to sell our video to stores. We were now the reluctant owners of a new company with a popular release. High school friend (and front man for The Ladderback) Jay Holmes later joined us and we went on to release lots of cool stuff. Around 2001, we started doing video work for other companies. 

In 2009 we started working on limited edition T-shirt collaborations with bands and visual artists we were into. The idea was to release small runs of exclusive T-shirts, offer them direct to customers, and share any profits we might make (evenly) with the musicians and and artists featured. This seems to have been a good idea and we’re beyond excited to be working with so many amazing artists on these artsy artsy tees. Party On!