Artist / Band By The Kickass
Released: Jun 01st, 2002 Format: CD


  1. Intro
  2. Strongest Dead Man Alive
  3. So...You Want To Have A Led Zeppelin Riff Battle? Let's Do It.
  4. Losing Streak At 10:45 PM
  5. Up Stares Down Stairs
  6. Never Let You Down
  7. Living Color
  8. Otherwise You're Just Another Retail Salesman
  9. Catch On 11
  10. Cadillac Of Doom


I first saw the Kickass at a house party in Wilmington, NC around 2001. I remember looking over at Jay Holmes (partial owner of Bifocal Media) between songs and him smiling wildly and mouthing the word “FUCK!”. They are/ were a bit overwhelming in every sense. The 3 members of The Kickass are studio quality musicians who play brain boggling instrumental rock tunes. I know they were all listening to a lot of Bread Winner and Don Caballero at the time of my first exposure to the band and it shows on their fist album  Death Metal is for Pussies. This was the first of many Bifocal releases distributed exclusively through (now disastrously defunct) Lumberjack Distribution and they did a really good job getting it out there. The Kickass did a bit of touring around the US and Japan from 2003-2005 before losing their drummer Benny to Valient Thorr. Benny plays guitar in Valient Thorr and tours with them 9-10 months per year. That’s me on the far right of the album cover and yes, those are real.



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