Artist / Band By Various Artists / Compilation
Released: Jun 01st, 1998 Format: VHS


  1. Braid
  2. Spazz
  3. The Promise Ring
  4. Sleepytime Trio
  5. 400 Years
  6. Jejune
  7. Stammer
  8. Piebald
  9. Serotonin
  10. Rentamerica
  11. Unsettled
  12. The Get Up Kids
  13. The Hal Al Shedad


Brad Scott and I made this video for fun in 1998. The idea was to give this video away for free with a zine I was working on. Keep in mind that many of these shows were put on by my room mate and I. Every show was filmed in a tiny venue or a living room. There was no Youtube and the internet was not something that people spent too much time with. Cell phones were for lawyers and “emo” was not a word that they used on the most popular teen drama of the day (Beverly Hills 90210).

Brad and I had a blast making this video and we’re happy that people seem to have been moved by it’s contents. We went on to work with many of these bands on other releases. While I can’t say that the production value of The Actuality of Thought holds up very well; I can say that many of these performances do. You can see the entire video on Youtube by clicking on the link below. Thanks, Sorry, Beers! -Charles Cardello/ Bifocal Media