Artist / Band By The Ladderback / Legend Of The Overfiend
Released: Jun 15th, 1998 Format: 7 Inch


  1. Side 1 - Legend Of The Overfiend
  2. Burning Dreams
  3. Caffeinated
  1. Side 2 - The Ladderback
  2. Draw 2000
  3. Lamentations


After appearing in the surprisingly popular “Actuality Of Thought” video, we figured the next reasonable thing to release was a record for our friends The Ladderback. They had a couple songs recorded so we decided to put them on a record with another band of Eastern NC friends, “Legend Of The Overfiend”. We had 500 of these pressed and they sold out quickly. We never had any more of them produced, but we went on to release 3 well received full lengths with The Ladderback.


No videos for this release