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    To my way of thinking, the early 80’s hardcore map has outpost flags tied to particular bands. LA had Black Flag, San Francisco, the Dead Kennedys,  DC, MinorThreat, Reno, 7SECONDS and Austin Texas was all about the Big Boys. Sure there were plenty of great Austin bands in the early 80’s but none were as community minded as the Big Boys. They brought bands to Texas, they offered them a place to stay, and best of all, they were the most amazingly creative band you could hope to see or hear. The Big Boys had a major impact on me when I first heard them by way of Thrasher’s ground breaking Skate Rock comp. They appealed to everything I loved, punk, skating, art, and even funk music. In the late 90’s it became my goal to get the long out of print compilation album Wreck Collection (that SST producer Spot had originally released on Unseen Hand Records) put out on CD with an expanded set of songs and brand new artwork created by not only the band itself but other artists who had some relationship with the band. Neal Blender, Brian Walsby, & Rich Jacobs all contributed new pieces made specifically for the record reissue (which I got the green light to make happen). I also created a piece for the record label itself, a skating armadillo. This piece has been bootlegged as a t-shirt many times, which has been flattering and disappointing all at the same time. We figured it was time for a proper official release of the shirt done on a color way which was the same as the original Fun, Fun, Fun shirts had been that Moment Records put out in the early 80’s. It’s loud, in your face, and fun, just like the Big Boys. -Chris Shary

    LIMITED TO 300. Ladies’ shirts are printed on Bella Favorite Ts. Ladies’ tees run small.