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    Back in the glorious winter of 1993, the Doughboys toured with one of THE seminal punk bands the BUZZCOCKS. It was a true match made in punk rock heaven. I was a very young man with wide eyes and an endless amount of drawing energy. I did a shirt for the Doughboys that they took out on that tour (although it originally had the logo from their 91 EP “When Up Turns to Down” on the back). The Doughboys major label debut “Crush” had just come out and it looked like things were becoming very exciting for the band, and for me! As I recall the shirts sold out quickly or they didn’t print many and I was always wishing for a reprint. Well here we are in 2019, and I have recolored the design to distinguish it from the original, and we decided to pop this on a purple shirt (which was my original intent). In the early 90’s it was ALL, Big Drill Car, The Chemical People and The Doughboys that ruled my world, and I’m so pleased i have been able to work with all of them and continue to. I couldn’t be happier to reoffer this very rare gem from my archives. Big thanks to John Kaster for agreeing to this whole deal. If you dig DESCENDENTS and don’t know the Doughboys, you really need to fix that in a hurry. May I suggest starting with “Whatever” and “Home Again”? -Chris Shary

    LIMITED TO 300. Ladies’ shirts are printed on Bella Favorite Ts. Ladies’ tees run small!