“Laocoon And His Sons”

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  • Release # BFLD161
  • Limited to 300
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    The late 80’s early 90’s brought about many transformations in underground music. There was a lot of embarrassingly bad things happening, but somehow the Washington DC area managed to be incredibly varied and super interesting to me at the time. Bands on Discord were touring much more and due to this, they expanded and became more “worldly” (if that makes sense). You could almost hear the travels and twists that the road offered their music. Music became more dense and more challenging, and more visceral. That was no more true than for the band Soul Side. They traveled through Colorado a few times (where i was living at the time) and each time they came were different and BETTER! I approached them about doing art at the time, but I simply wasn’t ready to offer anything of much consequence for them. I knew it, but I had wanted to work with them badly. 30 years later I finally get my chance! The image here is of the stature Laocoon and His Sons, my favorite sculpture ever. It shows struggle and is about fighting back against the forces that be that are out to destroy you. Thats the feeling I get when listening to a band like Soul Side. Made sense to pair them! I was lucky enough to catch Soul Side again a few years back, and they have again gotten BETTER! Not familiar with them? Might I suggest starting with the perfect 7″ BASS. It says everything you need to know. -Chris Shary

    LIMITED TO 300. Ladies’ tees printed on Bella “Favorite tees”. The Ladies’ tees run small.