Salad Days

“Cast And Crew”

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    Like most people with any degree of familiarity with the history of punk rock, Charles Cardello (Bifocal Media) and I are fans of the Washington D.C. scene that has produced so many amazing bands over several decades. Of course we also enjoyed the recent SALAD DAYS documentary that came out. After seeing a group photo of the film’s cast and crew, we got in touch with Scott Crawford (creator of the movie) and he was into our idea of making a t shirt based on that movie. Scott gave us a list of some cast and crew from the doc. It was an honor to draw (drum roll please) Steve Polcari, Scott McCloud, Henry Rollins, Cynthia Connoly, Brian Baker, Tom Lyle, Kenny Inouye, Bobby Sullivan, Dave Grohl, Ian Mackaye, Jeff Nelson, Nicole Thomas, Alec Mackaye, Dante Ferrando, Scott Crawford, Jim Saah, Skeeter Thompson, and (front and center) the much missed John Stabb. I hope I did okay here and that you like our Salad Days shirt. It was fun to do and a nice tribute to some folks in that scene that made things happen in a big way. -Brian Walsby

    LIMITED TO 300. Ladies’ tees printed on Bella “Favorite tees”. The Ladies’ sizes run small.