“ALL Three”

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    Hey kids! Most of you know about the Descendents, and some of you (for sure) know about when three quarters of the band (Bill Stevenson, Karl Alvarez and Stephen Egerton) moved on without Milo Aukerman, the Descendents singer back towards the end of the eighties, and renamed the new band ALL.

    At first, Dave Smalley was on vocals, followed by Scott Reynolds and then Chad Price. This is actually a really big chunk of time, and the band worked relentlessly for most of that time, with ups and downs, as time marched on.

    Some people wage this battle between the two bands, the Descendents and ALL. Which is kind of weird. In fact, when I saw the movie Filmage, I was quite surprised of the perception of ALL to some people, especially when anytime I saw them there was a lot of people there to watch them regardless of whomever was singing for them, you would think that they were this lesser band when in reality most of the time they were far quirkier and weirder than the Descendents usually are. Records like “Allroys Revenge” or “Problematic” were great recordings of a focused band with the hardest thing a musician can ever set out to do: having their own identity and sound. And yet they sort of were lost in the shuffle, which to me was just crazy.

    Lately, absence seems to have made the heart grow fonder and more and more people are taking another look at the band and thier extensive catalog and saying, “hey a lot of this stuff is really fucking good!” It was and is still good. Maybe there will be more? This shirt will have to suffice for now. So here is the band All with their three singers. I like how this came out, and we hope you enjoy it too. Thanks to the members of All, especially Bill for letting this happen, and thanks to Charles as usual. Cheers! -Brian Walsby

    LIMITED TO 300. Printed on Canvas soft cotton apparel. Ladies’ tees on Bella “Favorite Tees”. Ladies’ sizes run small.