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    If you’re reading this, you likely know all about the Melvins’ Masterpiece “Houdini”. It’s the first full Melvins album I ever heard. I have a distinct memory of seeing the “Honey Bucket” video on MTV’s 120 minutes and being completely blown away. It seemed odd to me that this record was on a major label; but hey… Nirvana had already happened, the weird kids weren’t viewed (by the jocks, rednecks, and preppy kids) as total freaks anymore, and Kurt Cobain’s name was listed as a “producer” on the record. It was an interesting time to be a high-school senior who was into “punk” as we seemed to loose a bit of our underdog spirit. I still can’t get enough of this record.

    As with just about every new project we produce, I’m completely nerding out with excitement over the release of this shirt. Thanks to Tom for suggesting we make a shirt out of his brilliant lino-cut reproduction of the original “Houdini” album art. Thanks to the Melvins for continuing to work with us on fun projects. -Charles Cardello/ Bifocal Media 

    So back in 2016 er 17, Third Man Records was reissuing the holy trinity of the Melvin’s Atlantic releases and I got to do my linocut art take on all three releases. I was especially stoked to do Houdini. To me Kozik’s sleeve art nailed the peak moment of the 90’s. It was a great confluence of Melvins meets Kozik meets AmRep (we did the vinyl version of the Atlantic release). Frank had always been a good friend and ally in the trenches back then and I thought him the king of graphic/art cool, so years later paying homage to King Kozik was a real treat. I was pretty stoked with the results and promptly sent a copy to Frank. He responded with praise and his blessings which normally was like pulling teeth with him and meant the world to me. We collaborated successfully quite a bit over the decades, but this was in a new way. Unfortunately we lost Frank recently, quite the sucker punch I admit. Frank I’m still waiting on that last painting ya owe me ya salty prick ya! I’m just glad I got to pay tribute when you were here! -Thomas Hazelmyer

    Shirts printed on Gildan heavy cotton apparel. LIMITED TO 300. Ladies Shirts printed on BellaCanvas “Favorite Tees”. They run super small so take a look at the size chart.