The Locust

“Safety Second, Body Last Skateboard”

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    I became a fan of Neil Burke’s graphically sound yet absurdist approach to design in the mid 90s as he played in and churned out album art for bands like Men’s Recovery Project, Born Against, and Life’s Blood. Neil played a big part in what would become a very influential fringe of the east coast hardcore/ punk scene as he worked with the much lauded Vermiform Records. Neil’s work has since appeared in galleries from New York to Berlin and has graced the covers of many timeless weirdo rock recordings.

    This brings us to how we (Bifocal Media) became personally aquatinted with Mr. Burke earlier this year: I’ve always been drawn to Neil’s artwork on the cover of The Locust’s “Safety Second, Body Last” 12” and I remember looking for the image on a T-shirt long before we ever started producing tees. When the time came for a new Locust/ Bifocal Media design, I reached out to the band to inquire about the image. They put me in touch with Neil and we sorted out the Safety Second, Body Last T shirt.

    We’ve been trying to sort out a Locust skate deck for over a year now. We’ve tried several approaches, but we kept coming back to this Monoroid image. I finally reached out to Neil and we all worked together to get this skateboard sorted out. Neil is flying in next week to sign and number every board and we couldn’t be happier with how these turned out. -Charles Cardello/ Bifocal Media