Devo/ The Locust

“Desert Days”

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    There are few bands that have had as much of a personal impact on all four individual Locust members as DEVO has had. Their song Peek-A-Boo! was actually the first musical composition that I got obsessed with as a child. Decades later, when trying to come up with new Locust parts or transitions, Gabe and I used to sometimes ask things like, “What would a brutal DEVO do?”

    Over the years there has never been a Locust shirt with the band on it—only DEVO could warrant such a thing! The photo was taken by the inimitable Becky DiGiglio, master of photography. She also has a hand in all things 31G, the record label founded by her partner Justin Pearson in the 90s. (As you may know, Justin plays bass and sings in The Locust.) Thanks to Ian Fintak and Lou Marron-Paige who helped set up the photo at Desert Daze in 2019. We are elated and humbled that DEVO was down for the shirt! By the way DEVO indeed correctly predicted the de-evolution of our species. That laid the groundwork for the continuation of dehumanization, one of the most fundamental maladies of our day! -Bobby Bray of The Locust

    LIMITED TO 500. Printed on Canvas soft cotton apparel. Ladies’ tees printed on Bella “Favorite tees”. The Ladies’ sizes run small.