The Locust

“Gabe Serbian Memorial”

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    This photo was taken at Desert Daze 2019– the much anticipated return of The Locust after a dormancy of about 6 years. I had heard them rehearsing in my basement for weeks on end, but I had not actually seen them play before (their set was dusty from all the moshing, and beautiful).At the festival, we had arranged for The Locust to take a photo with Devo. As the person tasked with documenting this moment that meant so much to everyone in The Locust, and to me, I was extremely nervous. I was running around the grounds trying to find a good spot, the light was changing constantly, and I knew we’d only have a minute or two to actually take the photos. I asked Gabe if he could come with me for a few test shots, and he did. He always was so supportive of my photography, and made me feel like he was the lucky one to have me take a picture, when it was obviously the other way around. He made a lot of people feel that way. We snapped a few pictures, including this one, and that was that. When the time came, it turned out that Devo wasn’t about to walk down to a beach to take the group photos; we took them right outside of the trailers, and I think they turned out great.But when I went back and looked at the solo photos of Gabe, I loved them, too. It reminded me of a scene from the Twilight Zone, some alien being from another world, crash-landed on a post-apocalyptic island. To be honest, I think Gabe Serbian might just be from another world, crash-landed here. His talent was unbelievable, and I’m convinced no human could be so skilled and creative at *everything*. He could drum, play guitar, sing, paint, build, and formulate the best pranks. He was a warm friend, and a caring husband and father. His family– both blood and chosen– loved him so much, and whenever he left a practice or rehearsal, he’d always say “I love you” to his brothers.I am so sorry for everyone that this wounded Locust had to take flight back to wherever he came from. He will live on in us all forever. -Becky DiGiglio Profits from the sale of this shirt benefit Gabe’s wife and children.  Ladies’ shirts are printed on Bella Favorite Ts. Ladies sizes run small!