The Locust

“Faces Included”

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  • Release # BFLD362
  • Limited to 300
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    This one is bitter/ sweet as it comes in the shadow of the passing of much beloved Locust Drummer Gabe Serbian. Thomas sent this idea over a few weeks ago and once again, the band members agreed that it was great and we should offer it on a t-shirt. Here’s something I wrote when we released the first Hazelmyer/ Locust design a few years back:

    STOP IT! The Locust and Thomas Hazelmyer have teamed up with us to produce 300 of these amazing garments. You’re probably already aware of the Locust’s Devo meets unholy WTF noise punk. This San Diego gang of freaks has been one of our favorites since we first heard their 1998 full length debut. Over the years we’ve been lucky enough to film them at several festivals and see them at various shows around the country. After working with Justin Pearson earlier this year on a shirt for his Three One G label; I mentioned that we would love to work on a shirt for The Locust. We just needed to find an artist that all 4 “opinionated old men” could agree on and come up with something everyone loved. I immediately thought of Thomas “Haze Xxl” Hazelmyer.

    The Hazelmyer/ Locust visual chemistry seems to have worked again and we hope you enjoy our little shirt offering. I really love working with these guys. -Charles Cardello/ Bifocal Media

    LIMITED TO 300. Printed on BellaCanvas soft spun cotton tees. LADIES’ SIZES RUN REALLY SMALL so CHECK THE SIZE CHART.