“Effete An Impudent Snobs”

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    In 1993 my buddy Jay and I produced and hosted a radio program (The Poop Show) out of a single wide trailer in Rocky Mount, NC. The station was owned and operated by Wesleyan College and had a relatively powerful signal for such a small operation. Our two hours (12-2 AM on Sundays) was typically a chaotic mix of weird rock and teenage insanity. One night my buddy Travis showed up at the trailer with Cows’ “Daddy Has a Tail” cassette and we played the song “Bum in the Alley” for our loyal listeners. This was my first exposure to this much feared and beloved Minneapolis band and their record label, Amphetamine Reptile. I was quick to track down several other Cows albums, including 1990’s “Effete and Impudent Snobs”. Eventually we got thrown off the air for excessive/ repetitive FCC violations that flew in the face of the Christian university that was hosting and paying for the whole debacle. Jay, Brad, and I founded Bifocal Media in 1998. Fast forward to 2020: We’re working with Am Rep owner Thomas Hazelmyer on a Cows T-shirt featuring art from an album I purchased almost 30 years ago. Someone recently alerted me to the fact that they had a bunch of recordings of “The Poop Show” that they still listen to. Sometimes obnoxiously noisy, powerful, and long lived things are emitted from single wide trailers, small/ underground bands, and art driven record labels. Long live Cows! -Charles Cardello.

    LIMITED TO 300. Ladies’ shirts are printed on Bella Favorite Ts. Ladies sizes run small!