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“Jurassssick! Pin/ Sticker Set”

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    What started as a simple “let’s get some AmRep pins made” has morphed into an epic DIY WTF of a project. Such is typical with both the Amphetamine Reptile and Bifocal camps on an independent level; but when Tom and I put our heads together… time consuming shenanigans ensue and you folks are the winners. Your prize? A hand assembled, signed and numbered metal/ enamel pin set with matching (vinyl) stickers and a signed and numbered placard… plus a Bifocal Media sticker as an added bonus. These took forever to produce. Get ’em while we got em! -Charles/ Bifocal Media

    1.25 Inch metal pin and 3 inch sticker set. LIMITED TO 100 signed and numbered sets and 10 artist sample sets.