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    I was probably just a kid of when I first heard the menacing deranged crawl of Killdozer on my little radio. From an early age, I had become obsessed with music and so called “college radio” was (to me) just another avenue for some great audio thrills. It was a nightly ritual of me curling up to the warm glow and simply tuning in for anything to grab me by the scruff and keep me listening. I think I even kept a little mini notebook and pencil next to the radio so I could write down my favorite songs from the night and then call up the station and request them again so i could capture them on cassette tape…haha…priceless.

    The nightly DJ was actually this guy named Dave Deibler (sorry for all those annoying kid phone calls, Dave) and he played in a band called House Of Large Sizes who seemed to be a fairly popular local bar band. Once a week, he would showcase a new album and would play an entire side of the record with no breaks. And one night, when the needle dropped, some sort of heavy blasted bass scuzz oozed from the speakers and I was introduced to the sarcastic dirty sound of a band called KILLDOZER. I became obsessed…not just obsessed with the songs…but obsessed with that sound. That wired-tight, nervous musical tone matched perfectly with their wicked snarl and lyrical bite just had me buzzing for days. Killdozer….Killdozer!

    Flash forward to 300 hundred years and whenever I put on the records, it still burns and bites and scratchers and gnarls. I happened to use the logo from the BURL record for this shirt and was pleasantly surprised at:  1) how cool the logo looked turned right side up 2) how striking the original pink color really helped this design burst.Hope ya dig it. –Evil Jay, Tokyo

    LIMITED TO 300. Printed on Canvas soft cotton tees. Ladies tees printed in Bella Canvas “Favorite Tees”. Ladies’ sizes run small.