“I See”

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    Whores. had been on my radar for a while through various acquaintances repeatedly suggesting I give them a listen. When they released Gold. in 2016, I picked up the record at a local shop and was instantly hooked, which led me to running out to excitedly get Clean. and Ruiner. I’ve seen them play live a handful of times, and every time was noisy, intense, enjoyable. The last time was at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn when I still lived in the metro NYC area. I loved every moment of the show, leaving with my ears ringing and covered in bruises from smashing myself into the front of the stage. I proceeded to get lost after midnight walking around in Manhattan because ultimately while I’d spent hundreds of hours in the city, I was still kind a country rube who apparently couldn’t read a subway map properly. I ended up making it to Port Authority where a cab driver twice my age football tackled a crackhead who was trying to light my sleeve on fire with his lighter, then very graciously drove me home. No regrets.

    Christian, Casey, and Joel are heading in to the studio next month to record their next full length album. Purchasing this shirt will help offset costs for travel, food, and housing while they record, especially during this weird time when all tours have been cancelled for the foreseeable future. I need this new record, and you do too, believe me. -Kristin DeBockler