Fat Bald Men BMX


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    I grew up surfing and then skating. I knew very little about BMX and it’s history until I met, and started doing some art,  for Mat Hoffman. When I first met Mat, I had no idea who he was . I was asked to paint a ramp for the Texas Toast contest and that’s when I met Steve. I remember walking through all the row of sponsors tents  and all of a sudden there was this old school bus painted black with a crew of what looked like Crusty Punks sitting on top ,with a crew of others selling shirts in front of it. At first I thought it was band shirts for Grindcore bands . Steve came up to me and introduced himself. It was my first introduction to FBM. -Tim Kerr

    Growing up in my generations era of BMX, it was pretty underground, and the script was pretty much unwritten. We drew influences from skateboarding, the punk and hardcore scenes, and the art and music that came out of those small worlds. It showed my friends and I some really crucial sub culture blueprints.

    Right in the middle of all this influence in my young mind, stood Tim Kerr, an understated, but impacting figure that seemed to transcend all these small worlds that captivated my imagination for years to come. Fast forward to a wildly popular music fest in Austin Texas. I was lucky enough to meet Tim, a modern day folk hero, in the midst of a cacophony of all things art, ramp, punk rock, and anything else I could have daydreamed as a kid. Here was this warm, generous human, with a big smile, sharing all of his art with the kids and concert goers.

    Of all the obvious attributes to someone like Tim, I was lucky enough to take away the value of sharing as much as possible, and to have fun fun fun everyday… Thanks Tim! -Steve Crandall

    LIMITED TO 300. Printed on Canvas 3001 soft cotton tees.