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  • Release # BFLD165
  • Limited to 200
  • Size Chart (Gildan/Bella) Clear
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    In the early 90’s my “art career” was really kicking in to gear. Essentially I was contacting every band I liked and doing art for them totally unsolicited. Sometimes I got shot down, sometimes I made a long lasting relationship with the band. Sometimes work was agreed on for shirts or posters….and something happened along the way. Case in point, this Samiam design! I drew this in 1993 prior to “Clumsy” and the band was all set to use it and it just wound up falling to the wayside…sort of. Turns out it wasn’t used, BUT, then bassist, Aaron Rubin did get a tattoo of the elephants going around his arm! Wild right? Anyway I always wanted to see a shirt of this happen and after talking with Jason Beebout and Sergie Loobkoof this week it has been rescued from total obscurity! It’s vintage, forgotten and reborn thanks to those swell folks at Bifocal! I know you love Samiam, I do too, so maybe you wanna relive those heady days of the early 90’s with this gem. Make sure to check the band out any chance you get as they are managing to play these one off shows. Boy do they still pack a whallop! -Chris Shary

    LIMITED TO 200. Ladies’ shirts are printed on Bella Favorite Ts. Ladies tees run small!