“Paws, Hoofs, & Talons”

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    The mid-90s was a pretty amazing time to be involved with underground rock music. Bands booked entire tours playing house parties, tiny venues, and VFW halls. There were tons of indie labels and DIY zines putting out an enormous amount of music and covering every show. Kids purchased tons of records, CDs, and magazines. Braid was one of the most endearing, prolific, and musically talented bands to come out of this scene. Their approach to song writing yields tunes with a heavy nod to Revolution Summer era DC Hardcore and an undeniably clever pop sense. This lead us to include Braid on the very first Bifocal Media release (1997’s Actuality of Thought video). In 1999 we produced and released the Braid centered “Killing a Camera” film. In 2004 we re-released KAC on DVD with additional footage and new interviews. We’ve known these guys for a long time and we’re proud to call ourselves friends and fans of this band.

    Alexis Price is an artist from Raleigh, NC. Her work is comprised of feminine forms meshed with animals. It’s equal parts violence, sexuality, and affection; all executed with a keen sense of color balance and nimble/delicate brush strokes. After a few tries with several talented artists, Alexis finally cracked the Braid code and came up with a shirt design that everyone loves. Get it while we got it! -Charles Cardello/ Bifocal Media

    LIMITED TO 300. These T-shirts are printed on Next Level apparel. Ladies’ sizes run small.