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    The 90s was a very cool time to be a part of the underground Punk/ Hardcore/ Indie Rock community. Bifocal Media was birthed in an environment in which we produced our own movies, made our own music, ran our own record labels, booked our own tours (in houses and tiny venues), and created our own magazines.

    Most all of these zines featured photos taken by Shawn Scallen. With his distinctive analog printed borders (resulting from the worn out negative trays at Carleton University), Mr. Scallen’s eye for composition and knack for capturing explosive energy in every frame made his work a right of passage for many bands of the era.

    Braid embodied the ‘90s DIY spirit with unmatched vigor and output. They toured, wrote, and recorded non-stop throughout the decade amassing critical acclaim, and a loyal following of fans. We were lucky enough to work with the band in producing the “Actuality Of Thought” video (1998) and the “Killing A Camera” documentary film in 1999. We’ve remained friends and fans of Braid and now we’re excited to be working with them and Shawn Scallen on this T-shirt.

    This photo was used as a promotional shot for Polyvinyl Records and we’d like to thank them for providing this scan for the shirt. -Charles Cardello/ Bifocal Media

    LIMITED TO 300. Printed on Bella Canvas Soft Spun Cotton Apparel. LADIES’ SIZES RUN REALLY SMALL. Check the size chart.