“On The Tiles”

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    Sebadoh seemed like a band ripped from the small frail flickers of a late night memory. Songs that expressed so much madness and melody through strange hazy forms wrapped up in an early morning smoke from a night out on the tiles. Their songwriting bore signs of something unnameable and from deep within. Some people called it indie rock; but it was always way more twisted than that. From roaring feedback-flecked, bang-on-a-bong tape collages to gently strummed broken ballads, I was there side by side…ready to rock and prepared for grand confusion. Why? Because Sebadoh is a band I can trust. From the piercing clamour to the muffled hush…I am buckled in and ready to take a dip under that sonic steamroller and come out of the other side with my brain fried and a Sebadoh song in my head. In other words, this band is my soulmate. For those who also know…this shirt is for you. -Jay Holmes