Deep Wound

“Time To Stand”

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    Deep Wound was J Mascis and Lou Barlow’s pre Dinosaur Jr. band. It was a different group for sure. First, J played drums and Lou was the guitarist. Bassist Scott (also in the Outpatients, who also ruled) and singer Charlie finished out the quartet. Deep Wound played super blazing fast hardcore. Some of which was captured on their lone seven inch which (typical of the day) boasted seven or eight songs. Deep Wound were so fast that they sort of pioneered (to people into that sort of thing) what you could also call “blast beats” and “grindcore”. Think along the lines of Neos or the first DRI seven inch. Luckily, that record fucking rules. I’d be proud to be in a band like Dinosaur Jr and have that sort of lineage behind me. Hell, I am sure a good deal of Dinosaur Jr’s fanbase have no idea that Deep Wound existed, or would even dismiss it as tuneless garbage. The band and certain people know better: Deep Wound is awesome and we are thankful that we get to do a shirt with them. Extra thanks go out to Lou and Dino manager Brian for giving us the green light. We hope you enjoy this “official” Deep Wound t-shirt. -Brian Walsby

    LIMITED TO 300. Ladies’ shirts are printed on Bella Favorite Ts. Ladies sizes run small!