Lou Barlow

“Committed For Life”

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    Songwriter/ singer Lou Barlow has a long varied musical career with his own solo career alongside his membership in Dinosaur Jr and Sebadoh. Just like Charles (Cardello) and I, Lou shares origins in the MRR/early to mid eighties hardcore punk world where nine song seven inches are the norm (sort of just like him and J.Mascis’ own hardcore band Deep Wound). It was no surprise to find out that Lou was into early 7 Seconds. With that in mind, I re drew Kevin Second’s artwork from his band’s “Committed For Life” seven inch and stuck Lou in there because I think these things are sort of funny. Luckily, Lou and Charles agreed. The end result? Our brand new Lou Barlow “Committed for Life “ t shirt! It’s a funny tip to that world and if you are the kind of person who can like both Lou AND 7 Seconds, you are one lucky person! Thanks to Lou and Charles, and don’t forget, in the pit you CAN Be yourself, and you don’t even have to be cool! -Brian Walsby