Big Boys

“Fun Fun Fun”

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    It is a huge honor for me to be able to do a t-shirt for the late lamented eighties Austin Texas band the BIG BOYS. Next to the MINUTEMEN, I can’t think of a band as life affirming and righteous as Tim Kerr, Chris Gates, the late Randy “Biscuit” Turner and their succession of drummers. They told people to start their own band, to get involved, to make art, to participate. I have taken and lived that message to heart ever since. The other nice thing about this design is that I was able to rope in my friend Chris Shary (ALL, DESCENDENTS artwork for many things) to draw the bands name and pick the color scheme while I drew the rest. The end result is wonderful and we think it captures the vibe that the BIG BOYS had. -Brian Walsby

    Limited to 300.