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“Crew 2020”

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    I knew of Dinosaur Jr after their Homestead records debut, but it wasn’t until their second album was released on SST records where I took notice. It was a hell of a record that (to this very day) I still like. The songs are very good. After they released their next record “Bug” I ended up seeing them twice and thought they were very good. Soon there was trouble in paradise and the original band splintered. I sort of took a long break from Dino. Jr until this original version of the band reformed. In the years since, the three of them have hit the ground running and seem to know exactly what they had that was so special all of those years ago. Along the way I struck up a little friendship with band bassist Lou Barlow, which led to us being fortunate enough to work with the band on a t shirt that featured head honcho J. as the Circle Jerks’ (Shawn Kerri invented) skank guy. It went over well, even if it confused a few people along the way. Here is another take on that idea with both Lou and drummer (Murph) present and skanking their way into your hearts! Hey longhair! See you in the pit! -Brian Walsby

    In the wake of this current Corona Virus disaster we’re all dealing with, 1/2 of the profits from this shirt will be given directly to the Dinosaur Jr road crew.