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    I spent a lot of my time in Mrs. King’s 8th grade pre-algebra class drawing paisleys, and it’s all Jodie Fosters Army’s fault. Those paisleys eventually turned into pools and the sides of my notebook were covered in fantasy skateparks that resembled an old ladies scarf. Before I knew of how great a punk rock band JFA was/ is, I knew them as skateboarding. There in the holy pages of Thrasher Magazine was that black and white Placebo Products ad with the JFA paisley decks in 3 glorious sizes. I knew this band must be something amazing because they had their own skateboard company. Other bands had decks. JFA had a company. It wasn’t long after that that I first heard the band and was instantly a fan for life. They play fast, they play loud and they play songs about skateboards and Cokes and Snickers. Jodie Fosters Army is a fun punk rock band and they want you to have fun too. My teenage brain wasn’t exactly hip to the in depth politics of other punk bands of the day but I knew how to have fun and so does JFA. – Jer Warren

    LIMITED TO 300. Ladies’ shirts are printed on Bella Favorite Tees. Ladies’ tees run small!