Lou Patrou

“Priest Circle”

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    This image is called the “Priest Circle” and was designed for inclusion in a large black & white drawing called “Priest” that I did in 2009. It is drawn in pencil on paper and is 43″ x 30″. The smiling face design appears on each cheek of the Priest’s face as tattoos.

    This drawing has quite a history and took me well over a year to complete, from developing the concepts and design elements to executing the drawing with no centering lines, positioning marks or erasures. I had two catastrophic false starts when working on the main drawing and had to begin again after making critical mistakes. To be able to replicate the Priest Circle design on the Priest’s face in two places exactly the same I had to create templates for every shape and line set.

    The Priest has been celebrated and recreated more than a few times. It became the cover of a collectible graphic arts book called Color Ink Book, which sadly is no longer in print. Priest has been published in several art & design magazines, it was featured as a Blotter Art piece in England and was licensed to a device case manufacturer some years back for phone cases.

    You always hear people talking about how great it is to connect on their social media pages. This is one of those stories! I was browsing Instagram one day and discovered some fantastic artworks and followed the links to Bifocal Media and thought to myself – “I have to contact these people and rave about the artists they had”. That same day I spoke with Charles on the phone and told him I wanted to work with him if he liked my artwork. There you have it! -Lou Patrou

    LIMITED TO 50. Printed on Canvas soft cotton tees. Ladies sizes run VERY SMALL (SEE SIZE CHART).