Kristin Walsby

“Flying Jerks”

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    The Canada Goose. Nature’s majestic flying jerk. Every day, these big dummies wake up and choose violence. I’m not even convinced that they actually sleep- maybe that’s why they’re so aggressive. I have never had a nice encounter with a Canada Goose. Once, I walked out of my apartment in New Jersey, minding my own business and drinking my coffee, and was immediately chased from my front door by a frenzy of black and tan feathers and beady rage eyes. He was fast. And mean. That wasn’t the first time, and certainly won’t be the last.

    I love animals, but I am 100% okay with enjoying these flying psychopaths from afar. Very afar. They’re like a big f u from the animal kingdom. An aggressive, bitey middle finger from nature. They will stare you down from the middle of the road while you sit in your car, late for work. They don’t care. –Kristin Walsby

    LIMITED TO 100. Printed on Canvas soft cotton tees. Ladies sizes run VERY SMALL (SEE SIZE CHART).