Chris Mars

“The Beacon”

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  • Release # BFLD442
  • Limited to 75
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    Sometimes we find ourselves looking for a sign; looking for the light, or else looking for something to block it.  Sometimes I find myself looking for a color that eludes me.  Sometimes, I find exactly what I looking for.

    The Beacon is one of those paintings that turned out exactly how I wanted it to.  I couldn’t part with this one.  I sleep underneath it.  For me, it’s not a portrait of Halloween so much as a portrait of the spirit on Halloween.  Or moreover, October – the best month.

    Here’s to autumn leaves, baseball playoffs and All Hallows Eve. -Chris Mars

    LIMITED TO 75. Printed on BellaCanvas soft spun cotton apparel. LADIES’ SIZES RUN VERY SMALL so take a look at the size chart for those.