Chris Mars

“Chapter 31”

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  • Release # BFLD441
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    October inspires me.  The fall leaves, the cool air, the angle of the light.  To some extent, there is an autumn-light quality in nearly all my work.  The aesthetics of autumn are in my bones.  As is the spirit of Halloween.

    Typically in October, I let these influences take over my work (and myself).  When I created Chapter 31, I didn’t know it would become a series.  But I suppose that was happily inevitable.

    And yes, I frame the piece before I paint it.  I’m asked about that all the time.  I frame the blank board I’m about to paint on.  The frame and the paint influence each other and become one.

    Happy Halloween! -Chris Mars

    LIMITED TO 75. Printed on BellaCanvas soft spun cotton apparel. LADIES’ SIZES RUN VERY SMALL so take a look at the size chart for those.