“Code Blue Skateboard”

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    Recently I woke from a dream with a truly inspired idea. This doesn’t happen often so it’s worth paying attention to ideas that come to me while I slumber. I quickly dashed the idea down and sent it to Jack Grisham of TSOL asking if he was into it. His exact words were ,”That’s bad-ass!”. The idea of course was our latest offering at Bifocal, a TSOL ‘Code Blue” skateboard! Now, of course, everyone’s favorite TSOL song is “Code Blue” and it struck me as unbelievable that this type of design had never been explored before. I mean a pale blue foot with a toe tag seems like a no brainer right, and obviously it’s only fitting that a design so slender would go on a skateboard right? Of course! I refined the crude sketch and the next thing you know TSOL has a brand new skateboard with an image that was made with a skateboard in mind. Honestly this is one of my all-time favorite ideas and again I can’t believe it hadn’t happened before. What makes this even better is that TSOL are indeed skaters and one of the first wave of Skate Rock bands where the members actually could shred! Silk screened on a blue wood stained board makes it even more of a thing of beauty. Jump on this or live with regrets. -Chris Shary

    LIMITED TO 150 8.25′ Hand Numbered, Screen Printed Boards On North American Maple.