“Code Blue 1979”

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    T.S.O.L. has been a Huntington Beach institution since 1978. Strange to think that in their whole career, not once have they had a shirt that pays homage to their surfing roots. These dudes embody the surfpunk aesthetic like no one else. We figured: why not just put it out there for the world to appreciate? It was an idea whose time had come. Well documented T.S.O.L. super fan John Stabb of Government Issue has this to say:

    “This cool t-shirt design is not only a wavy graphic by one of my favorite artists but represents a band that influenced me in punk rock and fashion non-sense the same day my band: Government Issue had the pleasure of opening for them. TSOL still blow me away. Jack Grisham for President!”

    We are beyond excited to work with T.S.O.L and Chris Shary (resident DESCENDENTS/ALL artist) on this limited edition t-shirt! It’s not Chris’ usual Sharpie brilliance but we think it’s pretty damn cool anyway. Get it while we got it!

    LIMITED TO 300.