Corrosion Of Conformity

“Old School New Skull Skateboard”

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    One of my earliest “punk” memories is when a friend of mine played the “Six Songs With Mike Singing” cassette for me. I thought is was scary. This same kid introduced me to skateboarding culture and all sorts of music that (as a nerd growing up in the rural south) was totally foreign to me in the 80s. I vividly remember lots of homemade COC skull stickers showing up on mini ramps, skateboards, and binders around this time.

    Flash forward to the 2000s. I was living in Raleigh, NC and had already become aquatinted with COC’s Mike Dean through our mutual friend, Brian Walsby. I knew of Errol Engelbrecht as an old school punk guy and the owner of Blue Flame Tattoo. I also knew he was the creator of the original COC skull; which was really impressive to me considering how familiar it was.

    Around this time Bifocal Media was doing a lot of film and video work and COC asked us to work with them on a couple rock videos for their new record with the original 3 piece lineup. You can see one of them HERE. This is also around the same time we started toying with T-shirt collaborations and COC was an obvious band to work with considering we already knew them and they were popular.

    Flash forward again to right now and things seem to have come full circle with the whole COC, Errol, and Skateboarding theme. Here we have Errol’s updated version of the famous skull atop a ton of those old COC “stickers” that I remember so well from my youth. These boards are hand cut and screen printed on 8.25’ North American maple decks produced by Pennswood Manufacturing in Oil City, PA. Enjoy! -Charles Cardello/ Bifocal Media 

    LIMITED TO 100. Boards will all be signed and numbered by Errol Engelbrecht.