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“Skull Buddy”

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    Fanzines, in many ways, are the lifeblood of any music scene. Sure they usually feature bands pretty heavily but some, as they grow, begin to become something more than just a documentation of a point in time. Some become high-water marks for art. Sometimes that art is the written word, or photo journalism or outsider art. the covers of Your Flesh, since it’s inception in 1982, became a showcase for the most kick ass lowbrow artists of the 80’s and 90’s. Peter Davis, the brain behind Your Flesh, has a keen eye for remarkable artists on the rise or true blue legends. The list of artist to have been involved in Your Flesh is staggering; Mad Marc Rude, Pushed, Peter Bagge, The Hernandez Brothers, The Pizz, Kozik, Coop, Ralph Steadman, Frank Miller, Shepard Fairey to name a few. Truly the track record for artists associated with Your Flesh is noteworthy, so when Peter Davis asked if I wanted to take a crack at the classic 82 “Skull Buddy” (originally created by Ron Clark), I had it completed within a couple of hours. Who am I too not jump when I hear the call? Happy to be in such amazing company, and now you can show you have good taste by wearing this beauty at the next local show! -Chris Shary

    Printed on BellaCanvas soft cotton tees.