“Hate Your Friends Redux”

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    The first time I heard the Lemonheads was on the “Flipside Comp #3” in 1987. In fact, the song that was included in the comp was the title song from their first scrappy album “Hate Your Friends”. It’s such a catchy and unassuming little ditty that is certain to worm its’ way into your brain. It’s remarkable that an LA based zine would be astute enough to recognize the brilliance of a Boston based band that was just starting out. Damn… that early work on TAANG is every bit as charming and unpretentious as ever. It’s got a rough and ready edge like The Replacements and a tuneful sense of melody bubbling under like Husker Du. It’s quite brilliant actually, and was a great starting point for a band that would reach staggering heights in the early 90’s. -Chris Shary

    LIMITED TO 300. Printed On Canvas Soft Spun Cotton Apparel. Ladies’ tees run small.