Government Issue

“Breakfast Ruined”

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    Government Issue has loomed large in my life since 1983 when I got my hands on the BOYCOTT STABB album. Since that moment, I’ve considered them to be a legendary Washington DC band. I even remember them with this t-shirt’s lineup (featuring the rhythm section of J. Robbins and Pete Moffett) staying at my house, and having singer John Stabb sit down with me and giving me a THOROUGH description of every lyric and every thought of every song on the (then unreleased) “You” album…all in my bedroom. I also remember the wall of amps guitarist Tom Lyle had later that night. Even after the band disbanded in 1989, they were never really too far (thought wise) from anyone who had ever seen them live or bought their records. A truly great band. We are happy to be working with Tom and John’s wife Mina on this, and are stoked we have their blessing. More importantly, we get to help keep the memory of John Stabb alive with our silly little shirt. We hope you like this. RIP John. -Brian Walsby.

    LIMITED TO 150. Printed on BellaCanvas Soft spun cotton tees. Ladies’ shirts are printed on Bella Favorite Ts. Ladies’ sizes run small.