“A Nation Sleeps Red”

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    In 1997 my friend Jay Holmes and I made the drive to Columbus, OH from Raleigh, NC for the “More Than Music” festival. My friend Brad and I had just finished work on Bifocal Media number one, “The Actuality Of Thought” video, and I had a backpack filled with dubbed “promo” copies to pass out to distributors and bands. The hope was that some of the tiny distros present at the festival would help us get our video out to the folks interested in seeing it. I’m not sure if this approach was effective, but one of the bands playing the fest that year was Providence Rhode Island’s Dropdead and they did not disappoint!

    Around this time I had become somewhat obsessed with fast screamy hardcore. Some of my favorites included bands like Charles Bronson, Spazz, Mohinder, and of course Dropdead. Their blend of politics, speed, and rage was right up my alley and I gobbled up every recorded offering they released.

    Now, it seems we’ve come full circle and Jay and I are working with Dropdead on a T shirt. I would have spent the money I made setting hardware at Sears on this shirt back in 1997 and I’m more than happy to offer it to anyone interested in smart angry music today. Thanks! -Charles Cardello/ Bifocal Media

    Limited to 100. Printed on BellaCanvas Soft Spun Tees. Ladies sizes run really small so check the size chart.