“Into The Vortex”

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  • Release # BFLD449
  • Limited to 300
  • Size Chart (Gildan/Bella) Clear
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    I met Paul and Jeff from Hammerhead in 2002 when they played the “Michigan Fest” with their other band VAZ. We were making a documentary about the festival. At the time, I had never heard either band. I was onstage filming and by the end of the first song, I knew I was an enormous fan of any music these two dudes would ever make together… ever. As it turns out, they have a pretty dense catalog of records to obsess over.

    This brings me to the overwhelmingly brilliant, damaged, noise/ punk/ pop Hammerhead masterpiece: “Into The Vortex”. This album is pretty close to perfect by my standards of auditory enjoyment. It’s explosive, noisy, unpredictable, and somehow catchy… all at the same time. I’m actually listening to it right now as I write this, and I keep drifting into a daydream in which I’m flying (superman style) at mock 20 over varying landscapes of inexplicable beauty which are occasionally interrupted by patches of war and burning urban destruction… But anyway…

    This is Tom Hazelmyer’s re-imagined cover art for Into The Vortex. I’ll be wearing one of the 300 we’re producing. Thanks, Sorry, and Goodbye! –Charles/ Bifocal Media

    LIMITED TO 300. Printed on Gildan heavy cotton tees. Ladies are on BellaCanvas. LADIES’ SIZES RUN REALLY SMALL, so check the size chart on those.