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    Very seldom do you ever hear the words “Master of his Craft.”  It should’t be used lightly because to be a master of one’s craft means that you can create, bend, and break all the rules of that craft.  You inherently dictate the direction of said craft – the Bass, Electric Bass, or as Mike Watt would call it, the Thud Staff, or the Thunderstick.  The Thunderstick is the vehicle in which living legend Mike Watt uses to translate 35+ years of craft into pleasurable sounds for you to hear.  To say Mike’s influence on the musical world is monumental would be an egregious understatement. The dude is synonymous with the Bass. Hell, I am surprised that people don’t call the bass a “Watt.”  Don’t even get me started on what he did for punk music alone…..the Minutemen , fIREHOSE, Dos, the Stooges..any of those bands do anything for you?

    Its a no brainer that when Chris Shary started his Sharpie sketches of Iconic musicians, Watt was on the top of the list.  You don’t make a Mt. Rushmore and leave out Lincoln do you?  Chris’s portrait or Mr. Watt is spot on and captures everything that makes this man lovable and famous that isn’t about his music.  Its about how Mike is a hardened road veteran and yet still soft and smiley after all these years.  I can see the wisdom is his eyes, and Chris captured his infectious smile to a tee.  to know about Watt is to Love Watt, and just the sight of this man’s image on this a will put a smile on anyones face.– Isac Walter, MinorThread.com

    LIMITED TO 300.